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In addition to my own projects, I also do work for various clients. Below are a number of samples, in areas of both illustration and graphic design.

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'The Most Miserable Christmas Tree' production photos © Jeremy Daniels -

'Taebyn' fursuit photos © Ashley Ladd -

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I'm top rated with 100% job success on Upwork's freelance site.

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What some have said about my art :

You can also visit my upwork page (link found at bottom) for more!
“It's been great working with Stan as illustrator on our graphic novel, Prime Cuts (vol.2). Stan's artwork is bold, imaginitive, appropriately twisted and sometimes very demented! He is a great addition to our creative team!"
“Stan is a unique expressionist artist... I just love the vegan shrimp on the barbie design he made for our tour. His art flew off the shelf by the hundreds! He is a pleasure to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend him"
“Stan is a remarkable talent. His work exceeded my expectations and I highly, highly recommend him. He is imaginitive, creative and his skills are impeccable. If you need a talented artist, he is your man!"
"Stan is D'man! Seriously! He's quality and works so fast it feels like instant gratification! For more than two years now he has been my go to guy for Graphic Design! He's done many projects for me... just made a new logo... so amazing it's inspirational!
"Stan is one of the most professional designers that I have ever worked with in this industry. If you are looking for a designer that can do high quality work with excellent communication skills, then this is your guy!
"I just wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased we have been with your work over the years. We have worked together for a long time and you still continue to exceed my expectations on every single job we have given you (which has been a lot).”