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about me.

In addition to being an author/artist... I'm also a vegan, pantheist and occasional vocalist.

On my back is a huge tattoo of a Douglas-fir that resides on the Section 36 Loop Trail in Oregon's McDonald Forest. This tree is where I once deposited the ashes of a long-time feline friend.

My Bio.

Stan Maksun is a sci-fi/fantasy/horror author and illustrator, living in Oregon, USA. He received his degree in Illustration & English from the University of Montevallo in 1995. Since then, he's done a wide range of professional work in illustration and graphic design - including skateboards, comics, album covers, t-shirts, posters, children's books, etc.

A recent winner in the 2017 Annual Science Fiction Digital Art Show by actor/producer Manu Intirayami (Icheb from Star Trek: Voyager), Stan's art has also been featured in the 150th anniversary edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Pickatale Publishing as well as Prime Cuts Vol.2, a graphic novel series written by Hollywood actor John Franklin (Children of the Corn, The Addams Family) and Tim Sulka (the writing team behind Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return).

Stan was also the sole scenic, projection and character designer for the New York musical The Most Miserable Christmas Tree and has done character and graphic design for other New York theatrical productions and performances, including work for Endangered! The Musical, Midnight at the Never Get and for Visceral Entertainment.

Additionally, he's done t-shirt designs for numerous bands, including punk legends MDC and thrash giants Accused A.D.

Stan gives credit to both his father (a NASA meteorologist) and his wife (a mathematician) with helping to develop his fascination for space exploration and for various life forms (those on Earth and those tantalizing possibilities that lie beyond).

His next major work is an epic, sci-fantasy novel called Pale Chimera: The Dreaming Skin, that he is currently writing and illustrating.



This project was a modern evolution of an earlier hardcore collaboration with long-time bandmate Zach Merchak. Zach was quite a talented musician that I loved dearly. He always amazed me with the wonders he would create in various musical frontiers. We started on our music path together with a band called Dyslexia and I.R.S., way back in high school.


This project came is another reunion, this one with metal bandmate Walter Simon. In college, we formed a band called Revenge Story. This newer collaboration went by the name The Hounding Flesh of All Who Came Before and, at another point, Oakun. Walter wrote most all the music and is also a very talented guitarist and composer. His unusual tunes, combined with my gruff vocals offer something a bit out of the ordinary.... Dark Art Rock!


This is another collaboration I did with Zach, sometime around 2008. For over 10 years we'd lost contact with one another & so this project was the 1st reunion project we did... something a bit different, much more mellow. This video was edited from test footage for a film that my brother and I were working on. Due to certain tragic life events, our film was never completed. The video, however, perfectly captures the haunting sadness that's always been an important part of OctoberFamine.