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An illustrated novel.

What does it mean to live? What does it mean to dream?

A chimeric deity, desperately created by a genetically manufactured slave race, moves beyond the boundaries of an incomprehensible alien landscape, towards the existential web behind all sentient life.

It is a story of metamorphosis...
brutal, beautiful and bizarre.

A sampling from 100 full color illustrations that accompany my novel, Pale Chimera : The Dreaming Skin.

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a strange new vision.

A teaser trailer for Pale Chimera, an illustrated novel detailing the rise & evolution of an alien soul.

what some have said about me & my work!

 "His artwork feels like graffiti warfare" -

"A real R. Crumb/Zap Comix vibe" -

“Stan's artwork is bold, imaginitive, appropriately twisted and sometimes very demented!"
“Stan is a unique expressionist artist. His work flew off the shelf by the hundreds!"
“Stan is a remarkable talent... imaginitive, creative & his skills are impeccable."